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About Us

Anita Wilkerson


Welcome to Southern Bella! 

We are excited to share with you Southern Bella ideas and services that we provide to our clients.  You will find on the next couple of pages pictures of beautiful parties and events.  Southern Bella has been so grateful to have been a part of these events and very dedicated to provided the best service and products to all our clients. 


The Southern Bella Story

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

An idea is born

This wonderful journey started over 40 years ago.  After having a family, the party's just seemed to flow from one event to the next. Over the years of planning events, some hidden talents developed stronger and opened other doors.   

Why Southern Bella?

 People ask why Southern Bella? 

Our company is here in the South and Bella means Beauty.  What more than to call this event service Southern Bella for the beauty that is brought to you from the South.  

It has been an amazing adventure to this point and all those wonderful ideas have made this a realty and we are totally excited to share with you our dreams, ideas and talent.